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November 2017

Yasuhide Ito


Yasuhide Ito (b. 7 December 1960, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese composer.

Ito completed graduate work at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music in 1986 where he studied composition with Professor Teruyuki Noda. Ito won 3rd prize in the 51st Music Competition of Japan with a work for orchestra, and in 1986, he won the 1st prize of the competition for the Composition for Saxophone. As a pianist, Ito won 1st prize in the 5th Music Competition of Shizuoka in 1980. Ito is a member of the Japanese Society for Contemporary Music and the JBA.

Ito’s lectures about Japanese band music at WASBE in 1995 (Hamamatsu) and 1997 (Austria) have had a great influence on the band world. Besides his composition career, Ito is well-known as an author and translator. He has written “Kangakki no Meikyoku Meienso” (“The Masterpieces and Great Performances of Wind Instruments”) and translated Frank Erickson’s “Arranging for the Concert Band.” He teaches at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, Sakuyo Music College and Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi. In addition, he is the regular conductor of the Tsukuba University Band.

Wind Ensemble Works

  • Adagio for Band
  • A la Suite Classique
  • As Time is passing on
  • Choral Fantasy
  • Cioccolata d’amore
  • Concertino for piano and band (Ito)
  • “Sopra l’arie antiche” – Concerto for Violin and Wind ensemble
  • Evocation (Ito)
  • Fanfares for National Athletic Meet at Fukushima
  • Fantasia Classica
  • Fantasy Variations (Ito) (2004/2012)
  • Festal Scenes (1986)
  • Festeggiamo e Cantiamo, Musica Festiva per Banda
  • Fuji
  • Funa-Uta(Boat Song)
  • Gloriosa (“Gururiyoza”) (1990)
  • Go For Broke
  • Hamamatsu Overture
  • Kokiriko alla Marcia
  • Liturgia Sinfonica
  • Maiko Spring March
  • March ‘fuji no Yama’
  • March ‘Over the Century’
  • March ‘Over the Wind’
  • March ‘The Three Tops Hill’
  • March, Wind & Sun
  • Meguru Kisetsu ni
  • Melodies for Wind Ensemble
  • Mokuseino Fantasy (Fantasy for Jupitar)
  • On the March
  • Pacem et gloriam pro nobis
  • Piano Concerto (Ito)
  • Planets, The, Trilogy for Band
  • Preludio Celebrativo
  • Progres
  • Rag-Time-March
  • Rapsodia di Toyama
  • Rapsodia Formasa
  • Remembrance II
  • Ryukuan Fantasy (1997)
  • Sinfonia Singaporiana (2005)
  • Solo Una Volta! (2013)
  • Soma Festival March
  • Soma Festival March No.2
  • Sonata Classica
  • Symphony “La Vita”
  • Tableau
  • Variations from the Northern Sea


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