When we become a part of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles family, our world becomes smaller, we have more direct access to wind band people, traditions, styles, literature, and performance practices previously beyond our reach.

WASBE is A World of Repertoire

Inject new life into your programming

WASBE was established in 1981 to promote the international exchange of music and ideas. Since then, band conductors and performers have discovered music beyond their national borders, opening new worlds of repertoire. From a national prospective, wind repertoire may seem limited. But from a global perspective, the volume of quality wind band music written at all performance levels is staggering – more than anyone could perform in a lifetime.

WASBE is a World of Musical Culture

Get it from the source

WASBE is food for the imagination. Members gain a deeper understanding of how composers from other cultures are inspired and motivated by dealing directly with musicians from other lands. As the world becomes smaller, languages and cultural barriers become more evident. Music transcends these barriers and is the bridge to understanding other cultures. WASBE is the vehicle to cross that bridge, helping us to move beyond cultural awareness to cultural knowledge and understanding.

WASBE is a World of People and Places

Make friends all over the world

More than anything, WASBE is an international community of people who are developing friendships and professional contacts worldwide. Through WASBE, you have direct contact with musicians from Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, North America, and South America who share the same interest, challenges and joys as you, but who have new and unique ways of approaching performance.

WASBE is Unique – One of a Kind

Expand your musical horizons

The World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) is the only international organization of wind band conductors, composers, performers, publishers, teachers, instrument makers and friends of wind music. It is the only organization completely dedicated to enhancing the quality of the wind band throughout the world and exposing its members to new worlds of repertoire, musical culture, people and places.

What is WASBE?

How can I join?

WASBE is a non-profit international association open to all individuals, institutions and industries interested in symphonic wind bands and wind ensembles as serious and distinctive mediums of musical expression and cultural heritage. WASBE has a membership of over 1000 individuals and organizations in more than 50 countries from throughout the world. The official language of WASBE is English and all official WASBE business is transacted in this language.

Joining WASBE is easy. Just click on JOIN at the top of the HOME page of this website and go from there. Compared to many national wind band associations, the dues are extremely reasonable.


Does WASBE need me?

Yes!! The real joy of being a member of WASBE is participation. In addition to the regional and national conferences there are numerous international networks, programs, committees, and task forces, including those for conductors, composers, music publishers, music educators, band historians, military bands, professional bands, industrial bands and community bands that need your input.

Go to PROGRAMS on this website and choose where you want to serve.

Goals and Objectives

WASBE and its many members strive to:

  • promote symphonic bands and wind ensembles as serious and distinctive mediums of musical expression and cultural heritage
  • assist in all ways possible the development of band activities throughout the world
  • encourage the international exchange of conductors, teachers, students, and composers
  • help others recognize the importance of the symphonic wind band and the wind ensemble for international and national communication and understanding
  • encourage the composition of band literature of excellence that reflects national heritages and transcends international boundaries

As a member of WASBE, you will:

  • receive an electronic version of the WASBE World magazine (quarterly) and WASBE Journal (annually) and have the opportunity to submit articles and research papers.
  • receive the WASBE ePostcard on a regular basis.
  • have access to a downloadable directory of WASBE members from over 50 nations.
  • have immediate access to current information on wind band activities around the world on the WASBE website including news about world premieres, conducting seminars, upcoming events, upcoming concerts to be streamed, and other important international developments.
  • have access to the WASBE Repertoire List on the website that has been submitted by members for your professional benefit and you will be able to propose other works to be included.
  • have links to many repertoire resources and website links to wind band composers. 
  • be invited to participate in both regional and international WASBE conferences at which the world’s finest wind bands and ensembles may be heard, an extensive music industry exhibition may be visited, and lectures, workshops, master classes and panel discussions may be attended.

Become a Member Today

Members receive a host of benefits by joining the WASBE community, including:

  • Exclusive Access to the Member Directory

  • Electronic Magazine and Journal Editions

You Make it Possible!

WASBE is a non-profit organization. Our events and service are only possible with the support of donations and volunteers