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Journal Contents

WASBE has produced its scholarly Journal since 1994. The Journal contains articles on a vast numbers of subjects, including performance practices, repertoire, conducting, wind instrument and band pedagogy, band history and sociology, and composition analysis. Here is a listing of the WASBE Journals published to date, starting with the most recent until 2020:

Volume 26 (2020)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides: A Highlight of the 1930 I.S.C.M. Festival (Richard Marcus)
  • An Interpretative Analysis and Conductor’s Guide to Nancy Galbraith’s Febris Ver
    (Ernest Jennings)
  • Virgil Thomson’s A Solemn Music and A Joyful Fugue: An Overview and Analysis
    (Todd Nichols and William Berz)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • Rhythm as a Factor of Innovation in Composition for Wind and Brass (Oliver Waespi)
  • Student Response to the Wind Band Music of Underrepresented Composers (Douglas C. Orzolek)
  • The Spectacular P.S. Gilmore: Father of the American Concert Band (Christopher P. Heidenreich)
  • Folk Influences in Colombian Chamber Music (Sebastian Serrano-Ayala)
  • Acoustic Criteria for Wind Bands in Rehearsal and Concert (Trond Eklund Johansen)

Volume 25 (2018)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • Music for Prague. 1968: The Preparation and Premiere of a Masterpiece (Frank L. Battisti)
  • Discovering Louis Andriessen’s Works for Wind Orchestra (Paul De Cinque)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • Bohuslav Martinů and His Larger Wind Chamber Works: Development of Compositional Style and an Annotated Guide (Lauren H. Reynolds)
  • Sousa’s Band at the Calumet Theatre (James J. Busuito)
  • The Most Valued Repertoire of Distinguished Middle-Level Band Conductors (James P. McCrann)

Volume 24 (2017)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • L’Age d’or of the Chamber Wind Ensemble (Danielle Gaudry)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • David Maslanka: Understanding the Man and His Music (Melody Baker)
  • “What Is There but Memory?”  Memory and Musical Structure in Selected Works for Wind Band by Ross Lee Finney (Benjamin James Druffel)
  • Ernest S. Williams:
    Cornetist, Trumpeter, Composer, Educator, and Forgotten Bandleader (William Berz)

Volume 23 (2016)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • Heitor Villa-Lobos’s Concerto Grosso for Woodwind Quartet and Wind Orchestra: Introduction and Analysis (Shawn Smith)
  • Formal Design and Third-Stream Elements in David Amram’s Concerto for Horn and Wind Symphony Orchestra (Thomas Bourgault)
  • Establishment of BCM International (Trae Blanco)
  • An Overview of the Music of Jim Bonney (Trae Blanco)
  • October by Eric Whitacre (Jordan E. Kinsey)
  • New Perspectives on Turina’s La Procession del Rocio (Sixto F. Montesinos)
  • In Memoriam: Donald McGinnis (William Berz)

Volume 22 (2015)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • Samogitian Rhapsody by Jonas Domarkas in the Context of Time and Style (Rytis Urniežius)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • Lost (and Found) Wind Band Music by 19th-Century Composers (Keith Kinder)
  • Peadar Townsend’s Musical Portrayal of Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s Adventures (Angela Goff)
  • Original Symphonies for Wind Band: Toward a Comprehensive Record (Andrew Pease)
  • Tempo Preferences in Conducting Holst’s First Suite in E-Flat
    (William Berz)
  • Bandmaster Chester E. Whiting and the Americal Division Band (Richard Woodrow Taylor)

Volume 21 (2014)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • A Conductor’s Guide to Steven Bryant’s Concerto for Wind Ensemble (R. Reed Chamberlin)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • Irish Identity in Fergal Carroll’s Song of Lir (Anglea Horgan Goff)
  • An Analysis of Concerto for Winds and Percussion by Stephen Gryc (Peter Lillpopp)
  • Bulgarian Wind Music: An Overview (Leon J. Bly)
  • Jennifer Higdon’s Compositions for Wind Band (Marian Stewart)
  • A Band Stronghold: The History of Ithaca (NY) Residents’ Contributions to the Development of the Wind Band and its Repertoire (CoreySeapy)
  • Comprehensive Music Education in Band: A Response to The Problems of Band, An Inquiry Into the Future of Instrumental Music Education by Randall Everett Allsup and Cathy Benedict (James P. McCrann)
  • Singular Successes (Christian Zembower)
  • The Brass Band Bridge and J. Perry Watson: A Link to the Beginning of the North American British Brass Band Movement (Amy Schumaker Bliss)

Special Section

From the Eastern Division CBDNA Conference:  Opening Remarks ( David Amram)

Volume 20 (2013)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • The Red Violin Chaconne by John Corigliano: A Transcription for Wind Ensemble (Benjamin Lorenzo)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • A Survey of the Current State of Ensemble Conductors and Conducting Instruction Within Southeast Asian Nations (Christopher Hughes)
  • An Introduction to the Music of Michael Markowski (John A. Darling)
  • The Clarinet Concerto by Costa Rican Composer Benjamin Gutierrez (Luis Víquez)
  • Voices of Musical Conscience: Reframing the Moral Ends of Band (Mark P. Skaba)
  • A Biography of Frank L. Battisti (William Berz)
  • A Biography of H. Robert Reynolds (William Berz)

Volume 19 (2012)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • The Band Director You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: Nicholas Falcone (William Berz and Joseph Dobos)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • The Band Music of Florent Schmitt (Jerry E. Rife)
  • An Overview of Composer Nikolai Miaskovsky and his Symphony No. 19 (David M. Jacobs)
  • Cultural and Social Value of the American Wind Band (Stephanie Frye)
  • James Robert Gillette (Ronald Rodman)
  • Leonard Falcone – A Brief Biography (John P. Nichols)
  • WASBE Journals: Volumes 1-18

Volume 18 (2011)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • Charles Ives’ Country Band March: Living on Borrowed Time (Darrin Oehlerking)
  • Paraphrase by Jonas Domarkas: Manifestation of the Wind Band Sublimation in Lithuanian Music (Rytis Urniezius)

Special Section: WASBE History
Part 1:

  • A Brief History of WASBE (Leon J. Bly and Egil A. Gundersen)
  • The Birth of WASBE (William V. Johnson)
  • WASBE – Reflections on Its First Three Decades (Leon J. Bly)
  • WASBE in Manchester, England, 1981 and Skien, Norway, 1983 (Egil A. Gundersen)
  • Reflections on WASBE 1981-2011: Thirty Years of Development in International Repertoire (Tim Reynish)
  • My Experience with WASBE (Felix Hauswirth)
  • We Are Serious Band Enthusiasts (Jan Molenaar)
  • My History with WASBE (Dennis L. Johnson)
  • The History of WASBE Foundation (William V. Johnson)
  • Reflections on My Years as President of WASBE, 1993-1995 (William V. Johnson)
  • A Short History of WASBE’s Ninth International Conference, San Luis Obispo, California (William V. Johnson)
  • An Interview with Frank L. Battisti (William Berz)

Part 2: “WASBE Pioneers” Reprints

  • “WASBE Pioneers” Reprints: Frank L. Battisti (Donald DeRoche)
  • “WASBE Pioneers” Reprints: William V. Johnson (Jon Ceander Mitchell)
  • My Recollections from the Start of WASBE (Leif A. Jansson)
  • “WASBE Pioneers” Reprints: Tim Reynish (Michael Ball)
  • “WASBE Pioneers” Reprints: Leon J. Bly (Anthony Reimer)

Part 3: WASBE Artifacts

  • “VIP” Committee Meeting, December 13, 1980
  • Five Speeches made by Frank L. Battisti at the Manchester Conference
  • Keynote Address [1981 Conference] (Paul Yoder)
  • Report on the International Conference for Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles (1981) (Francis Pieters)
  • CBDNA Post – Conference Reports
  • Frank L. Battisti Correspondence
  • William P. Foster Correspondence
  • WASBE Bulletins 1981-1983
  • World Conference Budget

Volume 17 (2010)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • Arnold Schoenberg: An Examination of Correspondence Regarding the Theme and Variation, Op. 43a (Daniel Galyen)
  • An Exploration of a Means To Increase Performers’ Awareness of the Intonation Tendencies of their Individual Wind Instruments (Douglas C. Orzolek)
  • Rhythmic Notation in Aaron Copland’s El Salon México: A Comparison of the Orchestral Score to the Band Transcription by Mark Hindsley (Erika K. Svanoe)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Toccata Marziale: An Evolving Wind Masterpiece (Mike Christianson)
  • A Conductor’s View of Symphony No. 1 by Donald Lee Gannon (M. Gregory Martin)
  • John Paynter’s Transcription of Ernst von Dohnanyi’s Variations on a Nursery Tune, op. 25, for Solo Piano and Band (Laurence L. Marks)
  • A Conductor’s Analysis of H. Owen Reed’s La Fiesta Mexicana (William Berz)
  • Tales of Three Conductors (Ed Nishimura)
  • Two Prestigious Wind Bands that Fell into Oblivion: La Musique des Guides Impériaux (1853-1867) and La Grande Harmonie de Paris (1853-1854) (Francis Pieters)

Volume 16 (2009)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • Robert Kurka’s The Good Soldier Schweik Suite: A Performance Edition (Margaret Underwood)
  • Envelopes (for Wind Ensemble and Rock Band) by Frank Zappa: Style and Analysis (Michael S. Yonchak)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • Wilhelm Wieprecht’s Tone Poem for Three Bands (David Whitwell)
  • Performance Challenges in Aegean Festival Overture (John A. Darling)
  • An Overview of Latin American Bands (Glenn R. Garrido)
  • An Interview with Jonathan Newman (Peter Stanley Martin)

Special Section: Perspectives on Instrumental Music Education: Invited Articles

  • Music Education and American School Bands (Frank L. Battisti)
  • Band Curriculum: More than Literature (William Berz)
  • In Band: Do We Over Train… And… Under Educate? (Richard Floyd)
  • A Factory, a County Fair, or a Crucible? (Mark Fonder)
  • Why Music Isn’t Basic (Robert Franzblau)
  • Repertoire: A Means to an End (Ben Hawkins)
  • Dinosaurs, Birds, and the Ongoing Metamorphosis of the Wind Band (Gary W. Hill)
  • Beliefs, Thoughts, and Reflections Upon Music Education and Higher Education (Craig Kirchhoff)
  • A Perspective on the American High School Band (Eric Rombach-Kendall)
  • Awakening the Artist Within! “Students…..Educators…..Conductors…..Artists” (Malcolm W. Rowell, Jr.)

Supplemental Articles and Materials

  • An Ethic for Secondary School Music Educators: The Educational Viewpoint (James Neilson)
  • Quality in Music (James Neilson)
  • To My Favorite Band and Wind Ensemble Directors (Michael Colgrass)
  • Welcome Address (Karl Paulnack)

Volume 15 (2008)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • Two Serenades by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – K. 361/370a and K. 375 Collating and Clarifying a Contexte for Performance (Kevin M. Geraldi)
  • Elegy and Fanfare – March by Roger Nixon: A Conductor’s Analysis (William Berz)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • Creation and Early Performances of Lincolnshire Posy (Robert J. Garofalo)
  • Gustav Holst’s Second Suite in F: Meaning and Interpretation from the Original Folk Songs (Keith Kinder)
  • An Overview of Selected Titles for School Band: The British are Coming, Again! (John A. Darling)
  • My Search for the History of John William Fenton (Toshio Akiyama)
  • Journey + Service + Purple Cow: A Rich Pedagogical Model (Cynthia Johnston Turner)
  • An Overview of the Commissioning Activities of Frank L. Battisti (William Berz)
  • State of the Literature: An Interview with Battisti (William Berz)

Volume 14 (2007)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • Wind Writing in the Chamber Works of Heitor Villa-Lobos (Shawn Smith)
  • Impetus for Innovation: Causality and Percy Grainger (Kenneth Thompson)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • The Case for Mr. Ives (Stephen Budiansky)
  • The Symphonic Band Repertoire of Aaron Copland: An Overview of Original Works and Arrangements for Band (Eddie Briskey)
  • Aaron Copland’s Use of the Saxophone in Wind Band Repertoire (Christopher Brellochs)
  • The Red Pony and the Grande ligne: Thematic Recurrence and Continuity in Aaron Copland’s Film Score, Film Suite for Orchestra, and Film Suite for Band (William McGinney)
  • Meaning in Music: Expressive Potential and Physical Gesture in Works for Wind Orchestra (Eric L. Hinton)
  • An Interview with Jennifer Higdon (Marian Stewart)

Volume 13 (2006)

Accepted Through Peer Review

  • An Introduction to Finnish Music for Wind Band (Daniel Gordon and Kari Laitinen)
  • A Chronicle of the Pre-World War II Cavalry Bands of the U.S. National Guard with Recollections of Those Who Rode (Bruce Gleason)

Accepted Through Editorial Review

  • The Wind Band Ensemble in Singapore: Presence and Practice (Eugene Dairianathan)
  • An Analysis of Moncho’s … de Tango (Glenn R. Garrido)
  • Gustav Holst’s Songs of the West (John A. Darling)
  • Composer and Conductor: Michael Colgrass and Gary Green Reflect Upon the Birth of Urban Requiem (Daniel A. Belongia)
  • An Annotated Bibliography of Materials Written about H. Owen Reed (William Berz)
  • Moving Music: Incorporating Aspects of Classical Ballet into the Training of Expressive Conductors (Alix Miller)

Volume 12 (2005)

  • Gender Diversity: Exploring the Practice of Mentoring (Denise Grant)
  • The Quality of Repertoire in School Music Programs: Literature Review, Analysis, and Discussion (Stephen Budiansky and Timothy W. Foley)
  • Folk Songs in Darius Milhaud’s Suite Française for Band and Orchestra (Robert J. Garofalo)
  • Interpreting Frank Ticheli’s Symphony No. 2 (John A. Darling)
  • William Kraft’s Dialogues and Entertainments: Performance Considerations (Cynthia Johnston Turner)
  • Roger Nixon and the California Connection: Fiesta del Pacifico to Monterey Holidays (Anthony P. Mazzaferro)
  • Western Travels: Two Recent Works by Roger Nixon (William Berz)
  • A Credo on Music’s Nature and Origins (Lawrence Dale Harper)
  • An Exploratory Study on Band Music by Swedish Composers (Mark A. Stickney)
  • Asian Influences in Canadian Wind Band Music (Keith Kinder)

Volume 11 (2004)

  • An Analysis of Dance Sequence by Marco Pütz (Marc Crompton)
  • An Analysis of Atehortua’s Music for Winds and Percussion, Opus 152 (Glenn R. Garrido)
  • Whitacre Transcribes Whitacre: A Closer Look at Sleep and Cloudburst (John A. Darling)
  • Revisiting William Kraft’s Dialogues an Entertainments: An Interpretative Analysis (Cynthia Johnston Turner)
  • Another “Lord of the Rings”: Two Works by H. Owen Reed (William Berz)
  • British Wind Music 1981–2004 (Timothy Reynish)
  • Comparing Recordings of Schuman’s George Washington Bridge (Anthony Reimer)
  • Conducting the High School Honor Band: Perceptions, Challenges, and Repertoire (Mark U. Reimer)
  • The International Music Camp: Summer Arts Education (Joe Alme)

Volume 10 (2003)

Volume 9 (2002)

  • Interpreting An American Song by Alan Fletcher (Mark Emerson Hopkins)
  • Karel Husa’s Concerto for Percussion and Wind Ensemble: An Analysis (John A. Duff) [Note: A correction appears in Volume 10]
  • “Winds of the North”: Canadian Wind Band Repertoire—A Representative View (Keith Kinder)
  • Irish Wind Band Repertoire: A Brief Analysis (Fergus O’Carroll)
  • Spanish Music for Windband (Frank De Vuyst)
  • The University of Missouri-Rolla Bands 75th Anniversary Compositions (Donald Miller)
  • The Art Of Scoring (Adam Gorb)
  • In Pursuit of Quality Literature: An Analysis of the Wind Music of Frank Ticheli (John A. Darling)
  • Wind Ensemble Repertoire by James Syler (Gregg Gausline)
  • Composer to Composer: An Interview with H. Owen Reed (James Syler)
  • An Interview with Eric Whitacre (William L. Berz)
  • An Interview with Eric Ewazen (John T. Madden)
  • An Interview with Eugene Migliaro Corporon (William L. Berz)
  • Compositions Premiered At WASBE Conferences (Dennis L. Johnson)

Volume 8 (2001)

Articles on the theme “The Quest for Good Music.” (This is also the theme for Volume 7.) Of special interest in Volume 8 is the material from the “Wind Music Across the Century” symposium, in honour of Frank Battisti.

Volume 7 (2000)

Articles on the theme “The Quest for Good Music.” (This is also the theme for Volume 8.)

Volume 6 (1999)

Contains the Proceedings of the Ninth WASBE Conference.

Volume 5 (1998)

Articles “On the Role of Emotion in Music.”

Volume 4 (1997)

  • Original Band Compositions vs. Transcriptions: A European View (Eugen Brixel)
  • Performing The Stars and Stripes Forever (John R. Bourgeois)
  • A Progressive Repertoire: The English Folk Song Genre (Mitchell Robinson)
  • An Acoustical Basis for Effective Band Training (Richard E. Strange)
  • An American Original: The Published San Quentin Wind Band Works of Henry Dixon Cowell (Jeremy S. Brown)
  • Teaching Non-Traditional Band Students in the Fairfax County Public Schools (Dianna Eiland)
  • “Zigeuner” in Titeln gedruckter Notenausgaben für Blasorchester (Bernard Habba)
  • Review: Spiel in kleinen Gruppen. Unter besonderes Berücksichtligung musikalisch-pädagogischer und soziologischer Aspekte (Adolf Marold)
  • Review: Anton Bruckner, March in Es-Dur, Anhang: Apollo-Marsch, vorgelegt von Rüdiger Bornhöft (Wolfgang Suppan)

Volume 3 (1996)

  • German Military Musicians in Japan During the Early Meiji Era (since 1868) (Wilhelm Baethge and Wolfgang Suppan)
  • The American Band Contest Movement 1875-1940 (Robert T. Stoker)
  • Desconocido y Famoso a la Vez: Juventino Rosas (Helmut Brenner)
  • Military Band Music at the Festival of Empire 1911 (Jon Mitchell)
  • Nineteenth Century Publishing Houses (Bernard Habba)
  • Military Music in the Sultanate of Oman (Ian Kendrick)
  • Zum Repertoire der Fürstlich Lippischen Bläserensembles im 19. Jahrhundert (Klaus Peter Träger)

Volume 2 (1995)

Articles on “Franz Liszt’s Music for Voices and Winds” (Keith William Kinder)

Volume 1 (1994)

  • The Evolution of Wind Music in Germany (Mark Reimer)
  • Bands and the Visit of the Japanese Embassy (Clyde S. Shive)
  • Wind Instruments and Wind Sonorities in the Music of Zoltán Kodály (Wolfgang Suppan)
  • The Role of Sequential Patterns in Structuring the Rehearsal (James L. Byo)
  • Band Journals: A Bibliography (Armin Suppan)

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