Board of Directors

WASBE 2022-2024 Committee Members

*Denotes Committee Chairperson

  1. Education and Repertoire

Miguel Etchegoncelay, France/Argentina*

Joop Boerstoel, The Netherlands

Bert Langler, Estonia

Jesús Ignacio Pérez Perazzo, Venezuela

Leila Gil, Argentina

Francisco Javier Vargas Luna, Mexico

Julia Baumanis, USA

  1. Events Committee

Emily Moss, USA*

Andrea Loss, Italy

Janis Purins, Latvia

Enrique Hernandis, Spain

Rom Shamir, Israel

Alan Mills, USA

Darrell Brown, USA

  1. Composition Contest

Franco Hänle, Germany*

Stéphane Delley, Switzerland

Björn Bus, The Netherlands

Reed Thomas, USA

Jodie Blackshaw, Australia

Jukka Viitasaari, Finland

  1. Commissioning Committee

Matthew George, USA*

Giovanni Santos, USA

Jodie Blackshaw, Australia

  1. WASBE World Magazine Editorial Board

Simon Tillier, USA/United Kingdom*

Markus Mauderer, Germany (Executive Director)

Chris Morehouse, USA

Jason Caslor, USA/Canada

Margaret Underwood, USA

Enrique Hernandis, Spain

Joop Boersoel, The Netherlands

Chris Unger, USA/Canada

  1. WASBE Journal Editorial Board

Evan Feldman, USA* (Editor)

Leon J. Bly, Germany

Raoul F. Camus, USA

Miguel Etchegoncelay, France/Argentina

Bradley P. Ethington, USA

Keith Kinder, Canada

Joseph Manfredo, USA

Lauren Reynolds, USA

Frederick Speck, USA

  1. Early Career Town Halls/Working Groups

Franco Hänle, Germany*

Colleen Richardson, Canada

Steven Phua, Singapore Steven Phua

Janet Kim, USA

  1. Marketing and Communications Committee

Steven Phua, Singapore*

Colleen Richardson, Canada

Janet Kim, USA

  1. Past President Advisory Council

• Bert Aalders – Chair (The Netherlands)
• Leon Bly (Germany)
• Trevor Ford (Norway
• Felix Hauswirth (Switzerland)
• Leif Jansson (Sweden)
• Dennis L. Johnson (USA)
• William V. Johnson (USA)
• Odd Terje Lysebo (Norway)
• Francis Pieters (Belgium)
• Glenn D. Price (Canada-USA)
• James Ripley (USA)*
• Dario Sotelo (Brazil)

  1. Gwangju-Gyeonggi, South Korea Conference 2024 Artistic Planning Committee

Colleen Richardson, Canada*

Stéphane Delley, Switzerland

Björn Bus, The Netherlands

Andrea Loss, Italy

Jodie Blackshaw, Australia

Steven Phua, Singapore

Jason Chae, South Korea (LOC representative)

Executive Director

Markus Mauderer
WASBE Executive Director
Ulrich-Schmitt-Str. 16
D-76467 Bietigheim


Tel: +49 151 / 275 268 18

International Artistic Advisory Committee

Felix Hauswirth, Chair (Switzerland)

WASBE Foundation

  • Dario Sotelo, Chair
  • Deborah Gibbs
  • William Johnson
  • Glenn Price
  • James Ripley

Past Presidents Advisory Council

  • Bert Aalders – Chair (The Netherlands)
  • Trevor Ford (Norway)
  • Francis Pieters (Belgium)
  • Leif Jansson (Sweden)
  • Felix Hauswirth (Switzerland)
  • Dennis L. Johnson (USA)
  • Glenn D. Price (Canada)
  • Leon Bly (Germany)
  • Odd Terje Lysebo (Norway)
  • William Johnson (USA)

Honorary Life Members

  • Bert Aalders (The Netherlands)
  • Toshio Akiyama (Japan)
  • Frank Battisti (USA)
  • Leon J. Bly (Germany)
  • James Croft (deceased)
  • Désiré Dondeyne (deceased)
  • Frederick Fennell (deceased)
  • Trevor Ford (Norway)
  • Egil A. Gundersen (Norway)
  • Felix Hauswirth (Switzerland)
  • Jan Molenaar (The Netherlands)


  • World Projects Inc. – – Deborah Gibbs, CEO
  • The Prague Concert Company – – John Tregellas / Jan Špalek , Director / Sales Manager
  • ZIMIHC – Utrecht – Appie Alferink / Martine Spanjers, Director / Coordinator
  • Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine – France – (WASBE archives),
  • WENS Travel – The Netherlands – Janneke Hoeberigs, Operational Manager

WASBE Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Karel Husa (deceased)
  • Timothy Reynish (United Kingdom)

National Sections


President: Rolf Rudin
Vice President: Jürgen K. Groh
Treasurer: Jürgen Albrecht
General Secretary: Michael Geiger
Anna Straße 8
97072 Würzburg


Joszef Csikota
Charmain Hungarian & East Central European Association of Bands & Ensembles
Csikota József, Hungary


General Secretary: Shirai Hideyuki
WASBE-Section Japan
21117 Aoihigashi 2-11-17
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 433-8114


Contact information is listed on WASBE Switzerland’s “vorstand” Website

Past Presidents & Past Conference Venues

wdt_ID Year Full Name Location
1 1981-1983 Trevor Ford Skien, Norway
2 1983-1985 Francis Pieters Kortrijk, Belgium
3 1985-1987 John Paynter (deceased) Boston, USA
4 1987-1989 Jan Molenaar (deceased) Kerkrade, The Netherlands
5 1989-1991 Vondis Miller (deceased) Manchester, UK
6 1991-1993 Leif Jansson Valencia, Spain
7 1993-1995 William Johnson Hamamatsu, Japan
8 1995-1997 Wolfgang Suppan (deceased) Schladming, Austria
9 1997-1999 Felix Hauswirth San Luis Obispo, USA
10 1999-2001 Felix Hauswirth Lucerne, Switzerland
Year Location


wdt_ID Column1 Column2
1 Website Editor Markus Mauderer

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