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Due to COVID19, the upcoming WASBE regional, in-person, events have been postponed.

We will still consider approving and sponsoring new applications for future events, whether in-person or on line.

Please feel free to submit an application to host an event.

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In order to remain connected, WASBE has started a monthly video series entitled, WASBE’s Worldwide Winds:

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 1, June 2020 (Joop Boerstoel, The Netherlands)

  • Interview with Dutch composer Christiaan Janssen
  • A complete performance of his work, Cappricio for Wind Orchestra

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 2, July 2020 (Janis Purins, Latvia)

  • Latvia–Land Where People Not Only Sing But Also Play
  • Interviews with Astrida Kenina, Guntis Kumacevs, and Andris Vecumnieks
  • Performers: Latvian National Armed Forces Army Band, Orchestra RIGA, University of Latvia Wind band, and the Kokle Ensemble “Cantana”

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 3, August 2020 (Colleen Richardson, Canada)

  • Interview with Canadian composer Don MacDonald and transcriber Mark Hopkins, including a complete performance of Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate).

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 4, September 2020 (Joseph Cheung, HongKong/China)

  • Interview with composer Simon Yau Yuen Hing about his composition ‘The Story of Cao Xueqin’

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 5, November 2020 (Andrea Loss, Italy)

  • Boardmember Andrea Loss (IT) in conversation with composer Franco Cesarini (CH) about Symphony Nr. 2 ‘EDO’

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 6, December 2020 (Jukka Viitasaari, Finland)

  • WASBE Board Member Jukka Viitasaari is representing composers and compositions from Finland
  • Featuring Lauri Porra, Jukka-Pekka Lehto, the Helsinki Police Symphonic Band conducted by Sami Ruusuvuori and the Lapland Military Band, conducted by Tero Haikala.

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 7, January 2021 (Vaclav Blahunek, Czech Republic)

  • Czech Music History (Fucik, Dvorak, Mahler, Martinu, Nelhybel, Husa)
  • Interview with Czech composer and conductor Jan Zastera
  • A recording of The Czech Heavens, cycle of saint cantatas by Jan Zastera
  • Invitation to the WASBE 2022 Conference in Prague

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 8, January 2021 (Emily Moss, United States)

  • Interview with American composer, Alex Shapiro
  • Conversation about Electroacoustic Music and Diversity in Classical music

WASBE Worldwide Winds Video No. 9, February 2021 (Björn Bus, The Netherlands)

  • Interview with Dutch composer Johan de Meij about the influence of COVID-19 on his work.
  • Interview and presentation about Symphony Nr. 5 “Return to Middle Earth”

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