2014 Hungary, Debrecen, Regional Conference

The very first Regional WASBE Conference took place in July 6 -­ 14, 2014 in the city of Debrecen, Hungary. Many ensembles have applied to perform and, together with the East European WASBE section, Jozsef Csikota, the Dean of the Faculty of Music, Mihaly Duffek, and the City of Debrecen, WASBE provided a very interesting program. Debrecen with its almost 205.000 inhabi­tants is the second largest city in Hungary, and the city, 220 kilometers from Budapest has a rich, more than six centuries lasting history. It is not only the cultural and scien­tific center of the region, but also a marvel­lous place of various festivals and cultural events. Moreover, Debrecen is the city of a flourishing bath culture and a distinctive health center as well.

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