2nd WASBE Composition Contest

winning pieces

The 2nd International WASBE Composition Contest was a great success. Under the leadership of WASBE president Dario Sotelo (presidency 2017-2019) we have received many outstanding compositions from around the world.
At the WASBE Conference in Buñol, Spain, the WASBE Board of Directors carefully selected the winning pieces:

Category 1 (Grade 2-3):
1st: “The Brave Tin Soldier” by David Postiguillo Moscardó (Spain)
2nd: “Sunbeam Dances” by Michael Miller (USA)
3rd: “DNA” by Giuseppe Calvino (Italy)

Category 2 (Grade 4-5):
1st: “Lux Futura” by Kevin Houben (Belgium)
2nd: “L’Orizzonte degli Eventi” by Girolamo Deraco (Italy)
3rd: “Aquila non capit muscas” by Maxime Aulio (France)

Category 3 (Orchestral Winds):
1st: “I Long for the Furthest Star” by Fredrik Ekenvi (Sweden)
2nd: “Waterplace Park” by Gregory Fritze (USA)
3rd: “Lamento d‘introduction et Scène de prière” by Yunosuke Okamura (Japan)

Category 4 (Solo & Winds):
1st: “Diversions” (Clarinet) by Robert Spittal (USA)
2nd: “Euphonium Concerto” (Euphonium) by Alexandre Carlin (France)
3rd: “Inner Resoution” (Trumpet) by Jason Wyse (USA)

The main idea of the WASBE Composition contest is that the winning pieces will get a lot of performances around the world.

As a WASBE member you have privileged access to a complete set of the winning pieces until spring 2020.

Each piece is 30 USD from which 15 USD go to the composer and 15 USD to WASBE.

Please note: you can only chose one piece each time with an order.

If you want to download another piece, please select the other piece and fill out the form again.

Please fill out the form, select the piece you wanna chose from and set some information on an approximate date and place of performance.

Please contact the Executive Director for any further questions.

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