WASBE Board Election 2022
Call for Nominations

Four members of the WASBE Board –Václav Blahunek (Czech Republic), Joop Boerstoel (The Netherlands), Joseph Cheung (China/Hong Kong) and Miguel Etchegoncelay (Argentina) – will retire from the Board at the WASBE Conference next year. Four new Board members and a President-Elect will be elected by the WASBE membership next spring. Now is the time to nominate candidates for these positions. 

The nomination and election process is as follows: 

  • The WASBE membership nominates candidates for the WASBE Board and President Elect. 
  • A Nominating Committee consisting of the President and two WASBE members appointed by the President prepares a list of candidates for the WASBE Board to review at its meeting in December. 
  • The WASBE Board reviews the list and establishes a slate of candidates. 
  • The Nominating Committee prepares and sends a ballot to all WASBE members a quarter year prior to the WASBE Conference. 
  • The new Board members and the President Elect are announced at the WASBE Conference. 
  • To be nominated for the Board, the nominee must be a WASBE member in good standing. To be nominated for President Elect, the nominee must have served as a member of the WASBE Board. See the nominating ballot (download below) to see which members are eligible to serve as President Elect.
  • Please fill out the nominating ballot and mail or fax it to the Executive Director so that it is received no later than 1 November 2021.  Only active members are allowed to vote.

download nominating ballot