#16– November 11, 2019

My Brother’s Brain

A Symphony for Winds


My Brother’s Brain is a 30 minutes-long triptych written in 2013 by Carter Pann, in celebration of his younger brother Alex.

The three movements of the piece describe the moments Pann shared with his brother during their younger years. The skills and craftmanship with automobile mechanics; the episodes of mental struggle during his 20s as well as Alex’s charisma as a giving and caring human being are colourfully and masterfully described.

Pann’s Symphony is a great sound fresco, calling for a full band, including 6 flute parts, 6 clarinet parts, soprano saxophone, 2 string basses, 2 harps, piano and celesta.

My brother’s brain is “one brother’s offering to the other, in gratitude for his patient, undeniable, and superlative model character”.

I. The Inventions (to my brother’s uncompromising craft)

II. Demonsphere (on my brother’s struggle)

III. The Hymn of Forgiving (to my brother’s unwavering empathy)

Carter Pann (Illinois, USA, 1972) is an American composer and pianist. He studied at the Eastman School of Music and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Consider one of the most versatile composers of his generation, his music has been performed around the world by renown ensembles, including the London Symphony, Seattle Symphony or Berlin Radio Symphony.

Among other distinctions, he has received the Charles Ives Scholarship from the Academy of Arts and Letters and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his work The Mechanics: Six from Shop Floor in 2016.

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