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Musical Development

1. Repertoire Development Task Force

Task Force Chair: Bert Langeler (Estonia)

Task Force Leadership Team:, Felix Hauswirth (Switzerland), Glenn Price (Canada/USA), Dennis Johnson (USA), Joop Boerstoel (The Netherlands), Marcelo Jardim (Brazil), Yo Goto (Japan), Jeff Girard (USA), Miro Saje (Slovenia) <> Martin Seggelke (USA/Germany)

Task Force Members: Dave Strickler (USA)

2. Commissioning Program

Program Chair: Jim Ripley

Program Leadership Team:, Glenn Price, Evan Feldman, William Johnson, Peter Bucher, Laszlo Marosi.

3. Conductor Professional Development Program

Program Chair: Alberto Roque (Portugal)

Program Leadership Team: Miguel Etchegoncelay (Argentina/France), Dennis Johnson (USA), Colleen Richardson (Canada), Dario Sotelo (Brazil), Björn Bus (Germany/The Netherlands)

Program Members: Gregg Hanson (USA), Daniel William Boothe (USA), Douglas Bostock (Great Britain/Germany), Martin Seggelke (USA/Germany)

4. WASBE Composition Contest Program

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Program Chair: Dario Sotelo Calvo (Brazil)

Program Leadership Team: Joop Boestoel (The Netherlands); Miguel Etchegoncelay (Argentina/France); Marcelo Jardim (Brazil); Alberto Roque (Portugal); Felix Hauswirth (Switzerland); Colleen Richardson (Canada)

5. Composer’s Network

Network Chair: Yo Goto, Co-Chair, Christopher Marshall, Co-Chair (tentative)

Committee Leadership Team: (To be selected)

6. Artistic Planning Committee – Utrecht – July 18-22, 2017

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Conference Chairman: Bert Aalders

Artistic Planning Committee Members:

Felix Hauswirth – Past President, (Switzerland) – Chair/Artistic Director

Joop Boerstoel – Board Member (The Netherlands)

Miguel Etchegoncelay – Board Member (Argentina/France)

Glenn Price – Past President (Canada/USA)

Alberto Roque, Board Member (Portugal)

Dario Sotelo – President Elect (Brazil)

Markus Mauderer – Executive Director (Germany)

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