Paris | 21 & 22 november 2024


In 2024, La Sirène de Paris will celebrate an exceptional 150 years of longevity. On this occasion, in association with the Institut de recherche en musicologie (IReMus – UMR 8223), the Centre d’Histoire Culturelle des Sociétés Contemporaines – Recherches Arts Spectacles Musiques of the Université Paris-Saclay (RASM-CHCSC) and the Musée des Instruments à Vents – La Couture Boussey, is organizing an international symposium whose aim will be to contextualise this original musical institution within a socio-historical perspective.

This symposium, organized for the occasion of the 150th anniversary of La Sirène de Paris, will be an opportunity to contextualize the singularity of this musical ensemble with a renewed perspective from the French-speaking and international scientic community. Our understanding is deepened through plural approaches encompassing disciplines such as musicology, ethnomusicology, history, sociology or educational sciences. The symposium particularly welcomes contributions on the orpheon movement, musical creation for wind ensembles in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, the relationship between art and popular, civil and military music, musical associations, local identity, belonging to the nation and community, as are those evoking, in their diversity of approach, La Sirène de Paris of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Without limiting itself to a monographic study devoted to La Sirène de Paris, this symposium intends to be the starting point for a reection on the place of the wind band in contemporary Western culture and its consideration by musicology.

Proposals for papers, may focus on the following areas:

  • The Sirène de Paris, its history, repertoire and instrumentarium; its recruitment history and audience; the institutional framework in which it operates (status, organization, networks and relations with other musical and public institutions).
  • The singularities and the local, national and international dynamics (federations, competitions, cultural exchanges, teaching). The Siren, a Parisian specicity?
  • Practicing as an amateur and as a professional.
  • Repertoires for wind bands between tradition and mutations (transcriptions, creations, new media, etc.)
  • Contemporary developments (banda, big band, brass band, student bands, etc.)

Proposals for papers should be sent to before 1st September 2023

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