The Unione Musicale Ciociara announces an Original Composition Award for Band aimed at providing the Obligatory Pieces to be performed in the context of the XXII “La Bacchetta d’Oro” International Band Competition , 7 and 8 May 2022.



Art. 1  – The «La Bacchetta d’Oro» Original Composition Award for Band will take place on 3 and 4 July 2021 electronically via the Google Meet platform and is open to composers of any nationality, without age limits. Each competitor can participate in the 2 (two) sections with more compositions. The participating compositions must be unpublished, never performed and have not received prizes or reports in other competitions, under penalty of disqualification. 

Art. 2  – The Original Composition Award for Band is divided into n. 2 (two) sections:

  • Section A:  Composition of an original piece – Difficulty of execution: Grade 1,5 / 2 (Youth Band). 
  • Section B:  Composition of an original piece – Difficulty of execution: Grade 2,5 / 3 (Third Category).

Art. 3  – The compositions can belong to any tendency, genre or musical form that respect the staff foreseen for each category.

  • For  Section A  (Youth Band), reference will be made to the technical indications given in the guidelines attached to this announcement (see Attachments 1 ) . The composition must have a minimum duration of 4’00 ” (four minutes) and a maximum of 6’00 ″ approx. (about six minutes) and it is designed for the instrumental organic described in ‘ Annex A 
  • For  Section B   the composition must have a minimum duration of 5’00 ” (five minutes) maximum of 7’00 ” approx. (seven minutes) and be designed for the instrumental organic described in ‘ Annex B

(The Announcement-Regulations and all the Attachments can be downloaded at the bottom of the page) .

Art. 4  – To enter the competition, the composers must send to the Secretariat of the ‘Unione Musicale Ciociara an envelope strictly anonymous, and without any sign of identification, including title, which must contain:  n. 3 (three) copies   of the composition in full score. Each copy must be marked, in a clear and visible way, by a motto and must indicate the approximate length of the piece and report the section in which the composer will compete,  n. 1 (one) audio CD  of the work presented (also in MIDI format),  n. 1 (one) sealed envelope , on which the same motto with which the copies of the score are marked must appear clearly and must contain:  

a) the registration form attached to these Regulations, duly completed in all its parts, with the declaration at the bottom dated and signed (downloadable at the bottom of the page)

b) copy of valid identity card and health card;

c) curriculum vitae;

d) copy of the payment of the registration fee.

The package must be sent to the following address:

Unione Musicale Ciociara – c / o Luigi Bartolini – Via San Martino, 4 – 03100 Frosinone – “La Bacchetta d’Oro” “Original Composition Award for Band” no later than 05/06/2021 by registered letter with return receipt (with return receipt). The date of the postmark of departure will be valid. The documentation to be submitted must be written in capital letters and / or typed in Italian and / or English. Failure to comply with one of the above rules will result in exclusion from the Competition. 

Art. 5  – The registration fee is € 30.00 (thirty) for each work presented. Payment must be made at: 

Bartolini Luigi, Banca Carige Spa – IBAN: IT83 X061 7514 8070 00000 480 880 – BIC: CRGEITGG Reason:  Registration for the Original Composition Award for the «La Bacchetta d’Oro» 2021 Band , no later than 05/06/2021.

The costs are borne by the person who will carry out the credit. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Art. 6  – Will be assigned n. 3 (three) awards: the Winner of  Section A  will be awarded the “Massimo Boario” Trophy on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the composer’s birth and for  Section B  the “Benito Pica” Trophy will be awarded by the Unione Musicale Ciociara, for both categories, on the other hand, publication will be recognized and the piece will be included as  an obligatory piece   in the categories of the XXII Edition of the International Band Competition “La Bacchetta d’Oro” 7 and 8 May 2022. The awards will be assigned by the promoter to the composers of the works judged as winners by an International Jurymade up of n. 3 (three) members of clear and recognized reputation. 

Art. 7  – The Jury reserves the right not to award the prizes if it does not judge any of the compositions received as deserving. Among the judging criteria, the real feasibility of youth band ensembles will also be taken into account. The judgment of the jury is UNINDACTABLE.

Art. 8  – The winning pieces will be published by the following publishing houses: Edizioni Musicali «M. Boario »(Section A – Youth Band) and Musical Editions« Accademia 2008 »(Section B – Third Category). Other pieces, possibly reported by the Jury, will be proposed to the same publishing houses for possible publication. The winning and signaled pieces may also be proposed by the organization of the Competition, to national and international institutions and band competitions, as possible compulsory pieces of future editions of the latter. The author of the composition awarded or recommended by the Jury will undertake the obligation to have it published exclusively by the publishers mentioned above, without any financial burden.

Art. 9  – The winning works must indicate, in case of publication: for Sections A and B the name of the competition, the respective section and name of the respective trophy (see art. 6).

Art. 10  – The Artistic Secretariat of the Unione Musicale Ciociara will communicate the result to all participants, sending each copy of the extract of the Jury’s minutes. The official award ceremony will take place on 11 July 2021 at 6.30 pm via «Direct Facebook» on the official page « International Competition for La Bacchetta d’Oro».  Subsequently, the winners of the categories will be officially awarded at the final award ceremony of the  XXII “La Bacchetta d’Oro” International Band Competition on May 8, 2022 . These, within 10 days of receiving the communication, must send the organization the detached parts of the individual instruments of the winning and / or signaled piece. 

Art. 11  – The n. 3 (three) copies of the scores received will not be returned and will become part of the Music Archive of the Association. 

Art. 12  – The application to participate in the competition implies the unconditional acceptance by the competitor of these Regulations, as well as consent to the use of their personal data in accordance with the law. 

Art. 13  – In the event of a dispute, the only legally valid text is this Notice-Regulations in Italian and English, complete with n. 13 (thirteen) articles, n. 3 (three) attachments  (Attachments 1, Attachment A, Attachment B).

For any disputes the competent court is that of Frosinone. 

More information on or here: La Bacchetta d’Oro