Roger Boutry (February 27, 1932 – September 7, 2019)
Pianist, composer, conductor and honorary president of the Garde Républicaine’s Wind Orchestra, Roger Boutry passed away last Saturday at 87 years of age.
Besides his outstanding musicianship, he was a great mentor and an engaged pedagogue.

Roger Boutry studied at the Paris Conservatory, beginning on 1944, where he would obtain several degrees: Theory (Class of Lucette Descaves), Piano (Class of Jean Doyen), Harmony (Class of Henri Challan), Chamber Music (Class of P. Pasquien), Accompaniment (Class of Nadia Boulanger), Counterpoint (Class of Noël Gallon), Orchestral Conducting (Class of Louis Fourestier) and Composition (Class of Tony Aubin).
Roger Boutry was awarded the “Prix de Rome” in 1954 as well as the Tchaikovsky Award in 1958.
He pursues an international solo career, working with major orchestras and conductors such as André Cluytens, Pierre Dervaux, D.E Ingelbrecht, Jean Martinon, Pierre Monteux…

As a conductor, he has worked with all major French orchestras, as well as the Monte-Carlo Opera and Brussels Symphony Orchestra.
In 1962, Boutry is nominated at the Paris Conservatory of Music as harmony teacher. He would hold this position until his retirement in 1997.
A few years later, in 1973, Boutry would become the overall chief conductor of the Garde Republicaine’s Symphony Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, String Orchestra as well as different chamber ensembles, being the first chief conductor of a military ensemble to be named coronel in the history of French Military Music. Boutry would be acknowledged in 1997 as the Garde Republicaine’s honorary president.
His music for wind ensemble is refined, elegant and deeply rooted in the French tradition. Among his most important works are:
Burlesque (1958)
Ouverture – Tableau (1958)
Tryptique 51 (1971)
Tetrade (1996)
Ikiru-Yorokobi (1997), also for Orchestra Evocations (1999)
Metachrome (2003)
Fête (2000)
For Soloist and Wind Ensemble
Divertimento (1973), Saxophone and WE
Concerto (2007), Saxophone and WE
Trois regards sur Taiwan (2013) Saxophone and WE
Alternances (1974), Saxophone Quartet and WE (manuscript) Eclats d’Azur (2006), Saxophone Quartet and WE
Chants de l’Apocalypse (1991) Brass Quintet and WE Concerto (2003), Trumpet and WE
Fantasia (1985), Trombone and WE
Variations sur un thème imaginaire (2007), Piano and WE WU-JI (2004), Piano and WE
Fragments (2017), Cello and WE (his last full work, manuscript, available also with piano reduction)

Miguel Etchegoncelay

(Photo Credit: Jean-Baptiste Millot)